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The Power Of Belief : Psychosocial Influences On Illness, Disability, & Medicine
Peter Halligan & Mansel Aylward
Oxford University Press
264 Halaman
The Practice Of Hypnotism Vol. 1: Traditional & Semi-Traditional Techniques & Phenomenology
Andre M. Weitzenhoffer
John Wiley & Sons
448 Halaman
The Practice Of Hypnotism Vol. 2: Applications Of Traditional And Semi-Traditional Hypnotism Non-Traditional Hypnotism
Andre M. Weitzenhoffer
John Wiley & Sons
352 Halaman
The Psychobiology Of Gene Expression : Neuroscience & Neurogenesis In Hypnosis & The Healing Arts
Ernest L. Rossi
W. W. Norton & Company
576 Halaman
The Psychobiology Of Mind-Body Healing : New Concepts Of Therapeutic Hypnosis (Revised Edition)
Ernest Lawrence Rossi
W. W. Norton & Company
320 Halaman
The Psychology Of Suggestion : A Research Into The Subconscious Nature Of Man & Society
Boris Sidis & William James
D. Appleton And Company
428 Halaman
The Structure & Dynamics Of The Human Mind
Edoardo Weiss
Grune & Stratton
496 Halaman
Therapeutic Hypnosis With Children & Adolescents
William C. Wester & Laurence I. Sugarman
Crown House Publishing
526 Halaman
Time Distortion In Hypnosis: An Experimental & Clinical Investigation (Second Edition)
Cooper And Milton H.
Crown House Pub Ltd
216 Halaman
Trance & Treatment : Clinical Uses Of Hypnosis (Second Edition)
Herbert Spiegel And David Spiegel
American Psychiatric Publishing
576 Halaman
Transforming Therapy
Gil Boyne
392 Halaman
Treating Depression With Hypnosis: Integrating Cognitive-Behavioral and Strategic Approaches
Michael D. Yapko
202 Halaman