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Hypnosis & Experience: The Exploration of Phenomena & Process
Peter W. Sheehan & Kevin M. McConkey
Brunner / Mazel
316 Halaman
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Vol. 1: Neuroscience, Personality, & Cultural Factors
Deirdre Barrett
255 Halaman
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Vol. 2: Applications In Psychotherapy & Medicine
Deirdre Barrett
208 Halaman
Hypnosis & Its Therapeutic Applications: An Eclectic Study Of Hypnosis, Presenting Theory, Experimental Results, Uses In Therapy
Roy M. Dorcus
342 Halaman
Hypnosis & Suggestion In The Treatment Of Pain : A Clinical Guide
Joseph Barber
W. W. Norton & Company
439 Halaman
Hypnosis : A Social Psychological Analysis of Influence Communication
Theodore R. Sarbin & William C. Coe
Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, Inc.
279 Halaman
Hypnosis : Developments in Research & New Perspectives
Erika Fromm & Ronald E. Shor
Aldine Transaction
671 Halaman
Hypnosis and Counselling in the Treatment of Chronic Illness
David Frank, Bernard Mooney
Crown House Publishing Co
160 Halaman
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Children: Third Edition
Karen Olness, Daniel P. Kohen
The Guilford Press
457 Halaman
Hypnosis and Memory
Helen M. Pettinati
The Guilford Press
301 Halaman
Hypnosis In Dentistry : A Handbook For Clinical Use
Roger Simpson, Stephen Goepferd, Robert Ogesen, & Gene Zach
Charles C. Thomas Publisher
102 Halaman
Hypnosis Regression Therapy & How It Can Help You: How Reliving Early Experiences Can Improve Your Life
Ursula Markham
Judy Piatkus Publishers
126 Halaman