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.Casebook of Clinical Hypnosis
Steven Jay Lynn, Irving Kirsch, Judith W. Rhue
American Psychological Association
427 Halaman
.Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis: In Medicine, Dentistry, & Psychology (Revised 2nd Ed)
William S. Kroger, Michael D. Yapko
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
432 Halaman
.Clinical Hypnosis in Pain Therapy and Palliative Care
Maria Paola Brugnoli
Charles Thomas Publisher
400 Halaman
.Contemporary Hypnosis Research
Erika Fromm & Michael R. Nash
The Guilford Press
591 Halaman
.Ego States: Theory and Therapy
John G. Watkins & Hellen H. Watkins
W. W. Norton & Company
272 Halaman
.Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis: An Evidence-Based Approach
Steven Jay Lynn, Irving Kirsch
American Psychological Association
271 Halaman
.Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions: Standards and Cases
Gerald P. Koocher, Patricia Keith-Spiegel
Oxford University Press
653 Halaman
.Handbook of Medical And Psychological Hypnosis
Gary R. Elkins
Springer Publishing Company
744 Halaman
.Scientific EEG & Clinical Hypnotherapy Workbook
Adi W. Gunawan
AWG Institute
679 Halaman
.The Handbook of Contemporary Clinical Hypnosis: Theory and Practice
Les Brann, Jacky Owens, and Ann Williamson
652 Halaman
.The Oxford Handbook Of Hypnosis : Theory, Research, & Practice
Michael R. Nash & Amanda J. Barnier
Oxford University Press
791 Halaman
.Theories Of Hypnosis: Current Models & Perspectives
Steven Jay Lynn & Judith W. Rhue
The Guilford Press
634 Halaman